Fr. Ubald Rugirangoga


Fr. Ubald Rugirangoga has been a Catholic priest in the Cyangugu diocese of southeastern Rwanda for since 1984. During the 1994 genocide, he lost more than eighty members of his family—including his mother—and more than 45,000 parishioners. During a trip to Lourdes, France, Fr. Ubald heard Jesus tell him to carry his cross: the genocide. In that moment, Fr. Ubald felt a release from the burden of his sorrows and knew he was called to preach healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

Fr. Ubald continues to focus his ministry on healing and evangelization. He travels the world offering Masses with healing prayers, from which there are many documented cases of physical, spiritual, relational, and emotional healings.
Facebook: ubald.rugirangoga
Instagram: @secretofpeace
Twitter: @FrUbald

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