Chaunie Marie Brusie is a writer, editor, speaker, obstetric nurse, and an advocate for women facing unexpected pregnancy. Brusie contributes regularly to several parenting sites, including Babble, Everyday Family, and SheKnows. Her work has also been featured in national publications such as Parents, American Baby, and Pregnancy and Newborn.

Brusie began working in the pro-life movement long before experiencing her own unexpected pregnancy during her senior year of college, but from the moment those two tiny blue lines appeared for her, she realized that things look a little different on the other side. After discovering a starling lack of resources and support for student parents at her own campus and realizing that the majority of abortions occur in college-aged women, Brusie worked to equip her campus to better support mothers and student parents.

She went on not only to change her campus and help other student mothers, but also to graduate on time—with honors—exactly one week before delivering her first daughter, Ada Marie. Since that time, Brusie has dedicated herself to advocating for young mothers through her blog and speaking. Her work has been featured on Catholic TV and The Boston Pilot, among others.

As a speaker with Feminists for Life of America, Brusie shared her message at schools and institutions across the nation, including on Capitol Hill. She received the National Association of Pro-Life Nurses Scholarship in 2008 and her website, Tiny Blue Lines, was a Babble Top 25 Bloggers’ Pick for Pregnancy blogs in 2013.

Brusie and her husband have three children, are expecting their fourth, and live in southern Michigan.

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