Daniel A. Lord, SJ (1888–1955), was a prolific writer and talented musician and composer. Soon after his ordination in 1923, he was appointed director of the Jesuit-sponsored Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Under his leadership, the Sodality grew to have a presence in almost every Catholic school in the United States. Lord wrote regularly for the organization's magazine, The Queens Work. An accomplished pianist, he composed grand-scale musical dramas that involved hundreds of youth and were performed in different locations around the country. In 1927, Lord consulted for Cecil B. DeMille's production of the silent film King of Kings. He worked with Martin Quigley to create the Motion Picture Production Code to ensure decency in film production, earning Lord the nickname “the Hollywood priest.”

Lord wrote more than ninety books and three hundred pamphlets. His autobiography, Played by Ear, was published in 1959.

Books by Daniel A. Lord, SJ