Rachel Balducci is a writer, blogger, speaker, and cohost of The Gist on Catholic TV. She teaches journalism at Augusta University.

She is the author of How Do You Tuck in a Superhero?, Make My Life Simple, and Overcommitted. She has been a columnist for the Southern Cross for fifteen years, served as a reporter for the Augusta Chronicle, and taught middle school and high school English and history at Alleluia Community School.

Balducci earned a bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University and a master’s degree from the University of Georgia. She was a regular guest on the Jen Fulwiler Show and has appeared on many Catholic TV and radio shows.

She lives with her husband, Paul, and their six children in Augusta, Georgia.


Speaking Topics

Motherhood and Spirituality
Media and Spirituality
Growth and Personal Holiness
Family Life and Following Jesus 

Books by Rachel Balducci