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The Birth of Our Lord

We celebrate his birthday today and during the Christmas season. We celebrate and rejoice in the grace and truth of the reconciling of our lives, our families, this world. No matter what your life looks like at this time, comment your life to Jesus and ask him to bring you his peace, light, and truth. No matter what your family looks like at this time, commend it to Jesus and ask him to bring your family healing, understanding, and joy. He is in the stable with you, and you are in the stable with him. You are loved, and with Jesus, you are home. Welcome home. Merry Christmas.” 
—excerpt from Behold, p. 125-126.

Video Reflection

In the final video of Behold, Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT, reminds us that Christmas is a new beginning just as the birth of a child signifies a new start. Hopefully, this Christmas is a new beginning for your relationships with your mother, father, other family members, and yourself. The Lord has given you new graces to help you live and grow in holiness. May you allow the Lord to come into your life and your heart to live anew with your family and the Lord. Christ is born for us. Let us adore him.

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