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You may not believe it, but everyone has an inner artist that they can use to help creatively evangelize others in the Catholic faith. It’s also possible to experience the beauty of Catholic art, not only in the church buildings where we worship, but also in our own homes.



The New Renaissance with Anthony D'Ambrosio

Anthony D’Ambrosio is a poet, designer, and the cofounder of Catholic Creatives, an international community of artists who want bring about a new renaissance of beauty within the Church. D’Ambrosio believes even if they don’t realize it, all people are creative and pursue creative work.



Your Art, No Matter How Good, Communicates God to Others

Texas youth minister Ali Hoffman believes that no matter how good you believe your art is, you should share it with the world to communicate the love, mercy, compassion, and goodness of God.

Holy Reminders of What Really Matters

Emily Jaminet, Catholic author and executive director of the Sacred Heart Enthronement Network, writes about sacred art in our homes. When we display sacred artwork we are choosing to not only give a physical witness to our faith, but we are also inviting our Lord into our lives to offer a new means of sanctification and grace, she says.

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