Ave Explores Series | The Bible

Introduction to Catholic Scripture

This week you will learn why and how you should begin the practice of reading the Bible daily.


Reading Scripture Daily

Author and itinerant missionary Meg Hunter-Kilmer says daily reading of scripture inspires a greater appreciation of Church tradition and a more robust understanding of Christ. Hunter-Kilmer has been sharing her reflections on daily scripture on Instagram for two years. She explains how her life of faith has been changed by using the Bible as an anchor for her daily prayer.


The Surprising Parts of Scripture

Fr. William L. Burton, OFM, says that many Catholics are hesitant to read scripture because they assume they'll get it wrong, but even scholars sometimes get it wrong. Burton explains there are surprises on every page of the Bible and encourages every Catholic to keep God's Word as their constant companion.



The Ancient Practice of Lectio Divina

Stephen J. Binz explains how the practice of Lectio Divina deepens the presence of God within us to become more like Jesus Christ in our daily lives.

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