Ave Explores Series | Catholicism Around the World Series

Catholicism in the Americas

This week, Ave Explores: Catholicism Around the World examines the Church in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. From rural communities to booming urban centers and from suburbs to small towns, the Church across North and Central America shares a love of service and a desire to share the truth of the Church’s teachings.



This Church is Your Church

J.D. Flynn, cofounder and editor-in-chief of The Pillar, explains how the Catholic Church in America is often riddled with divisions and discusses how we can address the ideological divide.

The Universal Church Up Close

Brenda Noriega, mission educator and vocations promoter for Maryknoll Missions. She discusses her reversion to Catholicism after she immigrated to the United States, and shares what she’s learned about the Church in America because of her work.



Why This Topic? Why Now?

Katie Prejean McGrady, host of the Ave Explores podcast, considers how looking at the Church from a global perspective helps us grow in appreciation of Catholicism. Prejean McGrady discusses her experience as a US delegate to the pre-synod gathering of youth and young adults at the Vatican in March 2018 and explores how her trip led to a better understanding of what unites believers and makes the Church beautiful.

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