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Healing Restores Others with Sr. Josephine Garrett, CSFN

Podcast Episode Healing Restores Others with Sr. Josephine Garrett, CSFN for Ave Explores: Healing

October 5, 2022 | 48 min.

Sr. Josephine Garrett, CSFN, says that when we work to restore ourselves to healing we can begin to help heal the world in which we live. Our personal healing can be transformative for others as well.

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Q: Share a bit about your background and ministry.

A: I am a native Texan, born and raised in Houston. I graduated from the University of Dallas with a BA in Political Philosophy with a Business Concentration. I entered the banking industry, serving for 10 years as a Vice President in the Home Loans division of Bank of America in the roles of Operations Manager of a staff of 200 and later as a Project Manager. I was raised Baptist and entered the Catholic Church in 2005. Later, in November of 2011, I began formation to be a religious Sister. In November 2020, I professed final vows as a Sister of the Holy Family of Nazareth. I am a licensed counselor. serving as the school counselor for the cathedral grade school in Tyler, TX, and also in private practice. I have served in vocations ministry and as a national speaker for youth and young adults.

Q: Tell us about your personal journey of healing.

A: My personal journey of healing has included an outpouring of the Father's love in people who had the courage to incarnate that love in my life; my family, friends, religious Sisters, counselor, mentors, formation directors, and spiritual directors. I am a grateful beneficiary of the Father's love, and slowly, little by little have known healing. Sometimes I struggle with the slowness of it all, but this slow approach has enriched my life in a deep and meaningful way, so overall, I would not change it.

Q: How have the sacraments played a role in your healing?

A: My experience of healing has 100% been Eucharistic centered. Jesus in the Eucharist is the ultimate slow game, healing us and conforming us to his likeness degree by degree with each moment of Adoration and each reception of his body blood soul and divinity.

Q: What piece of advice or encouragement would you give to someone who is struggling to find healing from the “wounds of life”?

A: Find graces in the slowness of the process. Just because it can be slow, just because you may find yourself needing to revisit the same old wounds over and over does not mean that you have failed and it does not mean that God has failed you. We are not meant to be perfectly healed in this life, that is what we will know in heaven. In the meantime, we have the graces that come with the fruit of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, which is mainly that there is no wounded road that we walk alone. Jesus is always present, covering our wounds in his blood, with himself and transforming them degree by degree. Don't miss out on the wonder and revelation of who God is that we can know through healing by being preoccupied with what has not yet been fulfilled in you.

Sr. Josephine Garrett, CSFN, is a licensed school counselor at the cathedral grade school in Tyler, Texas. She also has a private practice. 

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