Ave Explores Series

Getting More Out of the Mass

This week focuses on practical ways that we can orient our mind, body, and soul before and during, and after Mass to get the most that we can out of it each week.


How the Laity Can Prepare for Mass

Fr. Joshua Whitfield and Katie Prejean McGrady discuss how to prepare for Mass and share some practical tips for individuals and families to help them enter more deeply into the sacred mystery of the Mass.


Overcoming Distractions During Mass with Shannon Schmidt

Have you ever been distracted by the many sights and sounds at Mass? Shannon Wimp Schmidt, a mother who also has more than a decade of experience in youth and parish ministry, says you can overcome distractions by building holy habits and engaging in contemplative prayer.



Deacons Bridge the Secular and the Sacred at Mass

Deacon Greg Kandra reflects on the role of the deacon in the Church and at Mass. Kandra explains how the deacon is more than the ” priests' helper” and how that impacts the parish community.

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