In The Heart of Catholicism, Bert Ghezzi, bestselling author and popular speaker, invites readers into his deep love for the Church. With great warmth and authenticity, he shows how foundational habits such as praying, studying scripture, serving others, celebrating sacraments, and learning from the saints remind us who we are as followers of Christ.

Ghezzi uses stories from his own life to show how Catholicism is contagious, spreading from person to person because of the things Catholics do that are distinctively Catholic. Essential practices such as praying daily, celebrating the sacraments, reading and applying scripture, honoring the saints, confessing and overcoming sin, participating in parish life, caring for the poor, and evangelizing are treated in seventeen brief and inspiring chapters.

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Sample Chapters 

The Heart of Catholicism Webinar: Seven Habits that Define our Catholic Identity 

In this informative webinar based on his book The Heart of CatholicismBert Ghezzi presents a vivid picture of what it means to be a Catholic. He describes in a lively popular format seven practices that shape us as Catholics.

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The Three Keys to Becoming a Disciple 

Inspired by “Making a Commitment to Christ,” chapter 2 in The Heart of Catholicism.

These three keys to becoming a disciple express the common elements in the process of becoming an adult Christian. No two people become Christians in the same way, but these three elements are commonly found in everyone's path.

The Heart of Catholicism Quiz 

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The Heart of Catholicism
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