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Engaging Faith: Practical lesson ideas and activities for Catholic Educators

June 19, 2007

Book Ideas for Summer Reading

With most schools now closing for the summer, the lives of many teachers move in a different direction. For many, it's time to sloooooow down a bit!
Once you've had your vegging "fix," you might want to catch up on some reading—for recreation and spiritual renewal. It's a great part of many teachers' summer routine. It's relaxing; it's rewarding; it's recharging.

But, where to start? Here's three places to look:

1. The Catholic Summer Reading Program List

Check out this great, eclectic list of 64 Catholic books from a variety of publishers at the Aquinas and More Catholic Goods. This list is also featured on Amy Welborn's website, Open Book.

There are plenty of ways to launch your summer reading here. Featured in this inviting and diverse list are classic Catholic novels, biographies, books on apologetics, theology, philosophy, architecture as well as books on faith in the family, Islam, the Sign of the Cross, the Crusades and much more.

2. Lessons for Teachers from the Saints

A brand new book for teachers about saints titled My Best Teachers Were Saints: What Every Educator Can Learn from the Heroes of the Church by Susan Swetnam has just been released by Loyola Press. The author draws on the lives of fifty-two saints to offer teachers approaches for dealing with classroom conflicts, disgruntled colleagues, disconnected parents, and more. A new twist on the rich resources to be found in the stories of the saints.

3. Considering Hospitality and Forgiveness

Two new and attractive little books from Ave Maria Press are also easy reading but serious explorations of topics that demand the attention of teachers every day. Every Day Hospitality: Simple Steps to Cultivating a Welcoming Heart by Thea Jarvis is a delightful presentation of the real meaning of hospitality and its precious but often needed niche in modern life. Facing Forgiveness: A Catholic's Guide to Letting Go of Anger and Welcoming Reconciliation by Loughlan Sofield, Carroll Juliano, and Bishop Gregory Aymond of Austin, Texas is an wonderful collection of real-life stories about forgiveness. An excellent introduction, helpful reflection questions and appendices make this book an excellent handbook on forgiveness.

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