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Engaging Faith: Practical lesson ideas and activities for Catholic Educators

April 19, 2009

Getting to Know Jesus

The Easter Season is a time for students to deepen their relationship with Jesus. Here is a short activity from Catholic Essentials: An Overview of the Faith.
Christians are to imitate the values of Jesus in their own lives. Here are some of the things Jesus valued.

Conversion Commitment Service Community
Fellowship Forgiveness Healing Love
Leadership Reconciliation Trust Family Life

Jesus instituted the sacraments from his own life and values. Read the following Gospel passages. Determine which sacrament each one points to. Names some values of Jesus that each passage represents:

Matthew 3:13-17; 9:35-36; 16:15-16; 28:16-20
Mark 1:40-45; 8:22-26
Luke 7:36-50; 12: 8-12; 22: 14-20
John 2:1-11; 6:47-58; 16:5-16; 20:19-23

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