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May 29, 2009

Thank You from Michael Pennock

Author, teacher, colleague, and friend Michael Pennock is in home hospice care in Austin, Texas, suffering from stomach cancer. Mike called me today with thanks for all of the prayers and wishes of love and support he has received from you, his fellow teachers, and your school communities. Each wish has been forwarded to Mike and read to him by his loving wife, Carol. (If you would like to leave a new message for Mike, you may also do so in the comments section of this entry.)

On behalf of everyone at Ave Maria Press, I thank you as well for your prayers for Mike.

Today, he told me that he understands better how Pope John Paul II could describe dying as serene. While admitting that he feels scared, Mike said that being surrounded in love has been overwhelming.

Thank you again! Please continue praying for Michael Pennock.

Life is uncertain and, in fact, may be very brief. If we compare it with eternity, we will clearly realize that it cannot be more than an instant.

A happy death of all the things of life is our principled concern. For if we attain that, it matters little if we lose all the rest. But if we do not attain that, nothing else will be of any value.

Blessed Junipero Serra

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