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Engaging Faith: Practical lesson ideas and activities for Catholic Educators

August 31, 2009

The Kingdom of God Is like . . .

Have the students look up the following passages and match them to the truths about the Kingdom which they reveal.
  • Matthew 13:31–32
  • Matthew 13:33
  • Matthew 18: 1–5
  • Matthew 18: 23–35
  • Mark 4:26–29
  • Luke 7:18–23
_ The Kingdom may start out small but it will soon grow.
_ The Kingdom, though small, will eventually transform the world.
_ The Kingdom exists in the person, deeds, and words of Jesus.
_ The Kingdom will grow even though we cannot see or explain how it is happening.
_ Forgiveness is an essential element of the Kingdom: We will be forgiven, therefore we must be forgiving.

_ In order to enter the Kingdom, we must recognize our own need for God.

Next, have the students complete their own analogies for the Kingdom of God.
The Kingdom of God is like . . . 
The Kingdom of God is like . . . 

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