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Engaging Faith: Practical lesson ideas and activities for Catholic Educators

September 22, 2009

Catholics and Conscience

Read the quotes and share some information about the famous Catholics listed below. Then read the moral dilemma to the students and ask them to rate how strongly they would respond based on either end of the spectrum.

"I am the King's good servant, but God's first."
      —St. Thomas More

  • Your public school allows a moment of silence for daily prayer or meditation. A popular teacher says that this practice violates laws separating church and state and continues to lecture during this time. Most of your friends either agree with his opinion or don't think the matter is worth debating. Would you:
Protest against the teacher—————————————————————Conform with the Teacher

"How can we sacrifice our principles or remain silent in the face of this gigantic error?"
      —Dorothy Day

  • Your parents tell you that you must work to pay for a good part of your college tuition. A telemarketing firm offers you a high-paying job selling magazine subscriptions. At least four of the magazines you would be expected to sell would be classified as pornographic. Would you: 
Not accept the job——————————————————————————————Accept the Job

"For Jesus Christ, I am prepared to suffer still more."

  • The campus of a rival school has been vandalized in the week before your school faces them in a big game. Your school's name and colors are graffitied around the other campus. Personally, you didn't have anything to do with the vandalism. Would you: 
Help clean up——————————————————————————————Let Others Worry About It

"I heard the call to give up all and to follow him into the slums and to serve among the poorest of the poor."

  • Your parents want you to choose a college major that leads to a high-paying job. You, however, have an interest in teaching an would love to pursue it in school. You realize that you could earn much more money as a doctor or lawyer than as a teacher. Would you: 
Follow your dream——————————————————————————————Listen to Your Parents

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