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Engaging Faith: Practical lesson ideas and activities for Catholic Educators

September 4, 2009

WIN —-What's Important Now

The school year has opened and on Saturday, September 5 expectations are optimistically high for the college football season in many places, including the University of Notre Dame. Ready for success on the field and in the classroom (for you and your students)? You may wish to share some words of encouragement from Lou Holtz, coach of the 1988 National Champion Fighting Irish from his book A Teen's Game Plan for Life.

It's great to have big dreams. But the way to make your dreams come true is through a series of smaller daily choices. This is where the WIN formula can help.

You want to graduate tops in your class, or be an All-American? then ask yourself twenty-five times a day, "What's important now?"

You wake up in the morning—"What's important now?" Get out of bed.

You're out of bed—"What's important now?" Eat breakfast. You need your strength.

"What's important now?" Go to class.

"What's important now?" Sit in the front row. Be prepared.

It's time to practice. "What's important now?" Use the weight room. It's there to help you get stronger. You don't use it because someone's looking, but because you've got to get stronger.

When you're out Saturday night and there's opportunities for alcohol, or sex, or drugs? "What's important now?" If your dream is to be outstanding in whatever field you've chosen, then "what's important now" is to avoid these situations.


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