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September 20, 2010

How to Buy an Ave Maria Press E-textbook through

Keeping up with ever-changing technology in education is no easy task. We are doing are best to help teachers and students have access to Ave Maria Press textbooks in digital formats. In order to do that we have partnered with Xplana, a division of MBS, to provide our textbooks in electronic formats.

Xplana is a new social learning platform designed to provide students with an effective e-learning experience. Xplana staff and members are aggregating content from around the web to provide students with the most relevant information related to their courses and learning needs. Most importantly, Xplana offers a new e-reader that will allow students to access Ave Maria Press textbooks on their computers, iPads, or smartphones.

In order to help make purchasing e-textbooks as simple as possible, we have developed this step-by-step guide to getting set up on Xplana.

1. Create an account at
2. While you are on the Browse page, click on "Find E-Textbooks" under the "Featured Content" section. You will see the website within the Xplana portal.
3. Search for the book by ISBN, author, or title (or click on one of the links to the books on the Ave Maria Press e-textbooks page.
4. Once you find your eBook, click on the orange "Add to Cart" icon
5. Register for an account at in order to purchase your books.
6. Proceed to Checkout
7. Enter billing information and credit card information (no dashes in phone number)
8. Print order summary receipt. You should also receive an email confirmation.
9. Return to the home of Click on the button "Activate Purchases" in the upper right-hand of the page. (Log-in if you are not already logged in)
10. Click on the button "Purchased from this website"
11. At first you are likely to see "Authorization In Progress" "Download link is being built, please wait a few moments and refresh this page." It may take up to an hour for the link to be built.
12. You will receive an email from Do not worry about clicking on the link. Your book will be available for viewing at
13. Sign into with your Xplana username and password.
14. Soon your book will be available either under My Content or Premium Content

Note: You may have to wait upwards of an hour before the book is connected to your Xplana account.

  • It will take some time for the book to be available in Xplana (possibly an 1 hour) so wait awhile after you activate your purchase (step #9) at
  • To view the e-textbook, you need to have Flash installed on your computer. Those of you using Internet Explorer in Windows 7 will have to make an additional installation.
  • Xplana may work better using Internet Explorer according to some tech support people at Xplana.
  • For technical assistance call Xplana at or fill out this form at MBS's website. The live online chat line may take up to 20 minutes to begin chatting, but they will be able to assist you.
For more information about registering at Xplana, check out this video:

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