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September 24, 2010

Tutorial: Using the E-textbook eReader in Xplana

Instruction manuals aren't needed for typical textbooks. But for e-textbooks a quick tutorial might be in order. In the video below you will see a brief overview of the tools provided by the Xplana e-textbook e-reader.

Jared Dees, Adolscent Catechetical Specialist at Ave Maria Press provides a "how to guide" on the following topics:

- Using the Table of Contents
- Shifting from a 1 to 2 page spread
- Zooming-in and zooming-out
- Jumping to a specific page

- How to bookmark pages and return to them quickly

- Highlighting texts or vocabulary term definitions
- Viewing highlighted texts saved separately from the book
- Searching highlighted text

- How to attach a note to a page
- How to add a website or video link to a page
- How to search notes
- How to export notes

For more information about Ave Maria Press textbooks and e-textbooks, visit

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