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Engaging Faith: Practical lesson ideas and activities for Catholic Educators

October 28, 2010

Old Testament Timeline Activities

There are many events in the Old Testament for students to keep track of in a course on Scripture. Consider using the following activity suggestions for creating timelines and the websites that might provide helpful information.

old testament timeline
Timeline from The Old Testament: Our Call to Faith and Justice

Old Testament Timeline Activities

• Have students survey their Old Testament textbooks by checking the chapter titles, section headings, and pictures. Have them record the most important events and compile them into a timeline.

• Have students choose one particular Old Testament figure to focus on in a timeline. Have them do research online or pull key events straight from the Bible. If dates are imprecise, make sure the events are at least put into chronological order.

• Have students focus on a particular theme in the Old Testament and trace its history in the form of a timeline. Themes might include: Old Testament battles, idolatry, God’s providence, infidelity, music, angels, the kings, the prophets, forgiveness, water, light, the Temple, the Ark of the Covenant, etc. This may take a little more time than the other variations, but it is a great opportunity to highlight important themes and to encourage students to take particular perspectives on the Hebrew Scriptures.

• One possible variation to a written timeline, is to have students create an illustrated timeline using colored pencils, markers, magazine clippings, or Internet photos. This may require some poster board, but these offer great items to decorate the classroom walls.

Old Testament Timelines Online

Timeline of the Old Testament (—This site has a comprehensive timeline with many links to quality information.

History of Israel (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)—This information was developed by the national of Israel and provides some extensive information about the Jewish people up to the present day.

History of ancient Israel and Judah Wikipedia’s version of the history of Ancient Israel.

Chronology of the Bible Wikipedia’s version of the chronology of the Bible. I it quite extensive and includes both the Jewish calendar and Julian Calendar.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Israel ( Information and historical dates of the documents and historical artifacts surrounding the Old Testament.


1 kkollwitz

Oct. 30, 2010
A basic working knowledge of the Old Testament is absolutely indispensable for Catholics in the Bible Belt(if not elsewhere). Virtually everything of significance in the NT is anticipated by something in the OT.<br /><br />This year my 6th graders are going through the Bible from start to finish, Genesis to Revelations. So far so good, lots of storytelling and discussion.

2 Lujack Skylark

Aug. 19, 2012
GOOGLE: (Assyria, Babylon, Biblical, Cush, Egypt and Elam Confirmations) Its under raptureforums July 3, 2012 for the newest research in Near East Ancient History which supports the Bible's historical accuracy.

3 adelaida cantona

Sept. 12, 2014
Joseph Ratzinger's homilies on "Creation" in the book of Genesis is very helpful for religion teachers to give light to the significance of the biblical account of creation in relation to our faith and its moral lesson in our day to day life, as we relate to nature or environment or the world in general and fellow human beings around us. I have to go back into it and read again Ratzinger's theology and reflection.. thanks for making it available all others doing Church and school ministry on faith formation both young and adults.. thanks again.

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