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April 1, 2011

10 Google Search Tips for Students and Teachers

In this week's edition of Ave Maria Press tech tips, we explore a tool that is used over 400 million times per day. In the five minute video below, we share 10 Google search tips for students and teachers to use while doing research on the Web.

google search tips for students and teachers

Keep in mind this is only the basic search function in Google and doesn't even illustrate the excellent educational ways that Google Maps, Google Images, Google Video, Google Blogs, Google News, Google Scholar, etc. can be used as well.

10 Google Search Tips for Students and Teachers

Can't see the video? Check it out here.

The Ten Google Search Tips in the Video:

  1. Quotation marks (" ") — Show only the webpages that include the exact search words in the sequence in which they were entered
  2. Minus/Hyphen (-) — Excludes all webpages that have that word in it
  3. Tilde (~) — Includes results that contain synonyms of the word
  4. Asterisk (*) — Fills in the blank for words you can't remember in a series.
  5. Ellipses (...) — Returns only the search results that mention the years or numbers at both ends of the ellipses (1990...2000)
  6. define: — Provides the definitions of a word from dictionary sites
  7. OR: — Returns results that have either word on the page, but not just both
  8. site: — Searches a specific website for keywords.
  9. related: — Searches for websites similar to a site included in the search query
  10. Ctrl+F or Command+F — Though not a Google-specific function, you can search for a word in the search results by using this keyboard shortcut.

Google Search Educator Resource:

Google for Educators:

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