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August 10, 2011

How Are Students Using Technology?

Technology has become an integral part of the life of all students these days. Between laptops, iPods, smart phones, tablets/iPads, social networks, TV, and video games, students spend hours plugged in to something. So how does that affect the way young people learn?

In the infographic below, you will see statistics of a number of surveys of college students. Though high school students will differ in many areas, you can imagine how their responses would not be so far off. Try surveying some of your classes to get an idea of how they feel about these issues.

Students Love Technology

The question is:

Do you embrace technology and harness its power to reach young people OR resist these new changes and try to convince students to learn in traditional ways?


1 Ann

Aug. 10, 2011
Our school has embraced technology to a great degree. I can't say that I harness the full potential of technology, but I've been giving it a fair try! It's been a learning curve for all of us. I include many of the students in this. There are high school students who, while they spend much time on Facebook and Tumblr and on their phones texting, who are comfortable in certain technological realms, still complain they they like the feel of real books rather than digital texts and still resist learning new things such as posting to a blog or collaborating with a Google doc. But this seems to change over time. With each new class I see more adaptability. Sometimes it's been freshmen who have taught me a thing or two about managing files on their laptops.

2 Caroline Cerveny, SSJ-TOSF

Aug. 14, 2011
Personally I embrace technology. I was able to collaborate with high schools in Sydney, Australia and in Orlando and St. Petersburg, Florida. By faculty collaborating together with the school IT staff, we were able to pull together the "Global Church Project" (See the White Paper about this project at - I feel we need to be creative in today's religion classroom with technology. This provides one model that creatively brought students together from two countries.

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