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March 29, 2012

From Print Textbooks to eTextbooks: Navigating the Transition with Relative Ease

In recent years we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of schools who are switching from print textbooks to eTextbooks. The release of the iPad inspired an incredible amount of excitement about integrating technology into the everyday life of the student. Many Catholic high schools are purchasing or requiring students to purchase iPads as the primary learning device.

With so many schools transitioning to the iPad or other 1:1 device, what are the implications for teachers, students, and schools?

In the webinar recording below Jared Dees, Digital Publishing Specialist of Ave Maria Press, presents strategies that teachers can use in 1:1 laptop or tablet programs including a brief overview of cooperative learning and a popular movement toward "flipping the classroom."

Jared also shares some of the challenges and frustrations that Ave Maria Press eTextbooks schools have experienced this year after switching to a 1:1 program.

Finally, you will see why Ave Maria Press has focused on a PDF Site License as the solution for eTextbooks in the coming school year.

eTextbook Webinar Recording

Go straight to the YouTube recording or check it out on the Ave Maria Press Vimeo Channel.

Teaching with the iPad

If you are switching to the iPad and want to share some quick teaching tips with the iPad, feel free to dowload and adopt this presentation which was pulled from the webinar: "5 Quick and Easy Ways to Teach with Your iPad"

View more PowerPoint from Jared Dees

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