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Engaging Faith: Practical lesson ideas and activities for Catholic Educators

June 25, 2012

4 Places to Find the Best Catholic Apps for Your Classroom

With so many schools switching to a 1:1 iPad program in the next couple of years, I am starting to get some common questions. As you might imagine the most common question I get from teachers who have been given new iPads is, "Do you have any suggestions for apps I should download?" Or, "What are the best Catholic iPad apps to use with students?"

Rather than pretend to think I could possibly keep track of all of the amazing Catholic apps and prayer apps that are being released for the iPad and the iPhone, I'll defer to the experts. Check out this list of websites to get some ideas for new Catholic apps and prayer apps to use in your classroom.


The name and the URL says it all! Tom Lelyo, the main author and founder of, provides excellent reviews of the latest iPad and iPhone apps as well as the apps in the Android marketplace.

Each app gets a rating based on price, performance, usability, design, and catholicity. The authors also share the pro's, con's, and overall impression of the apps.


Our friend and author, Lisa Hendey, hosts a number of different authors who contribute to the Catholic Tech Talk feature on Writers like Sarah Reinhard and Dorian Speed share their expertise and experience using technology often sharing the newest and best apps for Catholics, particularly those who focus on catechesis and parenting.


A rising star in the Catholic tech world has been the website Not long ago they began a great resource for reviews and information about Catholic apps. This website has a great group of writers and offers engaging conversation about the Church and technology today.

4. CatholicApps (Wordpress Blog)

The Wordpress blog,, has a treasure chest of information about Catholic apps for prayer, politics, saints, confession, and more. Although not as well known as the websites above, there is some extensive information about many different Catholic apps as well as a list of videos to check out about the apps.

Classroom Assignment Idea: What are the best Catholic apps?

As teachers, we all know our students are much more tech-savvy than we will ever be. Why not take advantage of this? Why not save yourself the time and let them do the searching?!

Give the students an assignment to find and review Catholic apps and prayer apps on their iPads. Collect the reviews as a written assignment or have them create a video review using their iPads and post it to a public place like YouTube or your LMS.

You could even have them present the apps in class. Or if they are reviewing prayer apps, have them sign up to lead class prayer using the app.

Question: What Catholic apps have you found to be useful in the classroom?


1 Tom Lelyo

June 25, 2012
Wow, thanks so much for the kind words about Thought I'd share some of our favorite apps that would be helpful for educators & students: These apps are great to help students learn prayers & devotions of the Faith: iBreviary - (FREE) primarily for liturgy of the hours, but can also be used for daily readings, AND common prayers Link - Divine Office - (PREMIUM) great for learning how to pray the Liturgy of the hours because you can download the audio file and pray outloud along with others. Link - Divine Mercy app by Marian Fathers - (FREE) incredible app devoted to the Divine Mercy devotion & St. Faustina Link - Ignio - (FREE) This app would be great for students because it encourages students to pray, read scripture, and share their spiritual growth with others. You HAVE to check this app out Link - Logos - (PREMIUM) This is THE app that any classroom should use as their source for Catholic Literature. It is definitely best suited for High School, but could probably be implemented on the Jr. High level as well. This app is Free for iOS devices, however the materials themselves such as the Catholic Bible, the Catechism, works of the early Church Fathers, etc., cost money on their own. Definitely worth a look when looking for a comprehensive Catholic resource. Link - Hope you enjoy these apps, Thanks again and God bless!

2 Jared Dees

June 26, 2012
Thanks for the links Tom! These are all great suggestions for teachers and students.

3 Rebecca McKenna

June 30, 2012
I conduct a pre & post survey re: religious apps. After the presurvey, I assign students an apps assignment project (unable to attach here but willing to share both survey and assignment). The students presentations were fantastic and we all learned a lot re: religious apps daily usage.

4 Julie Donati

Dec. 7, 2012
Rebecca I would LOVE to see you apps assignement project and presentations...I would love to use it...

5 Susan May

Aug. 13, 2014
I would love to receive the religious apps assignment from Rebecca McKenna that is posted above. Please let me know how I can contact her. Thanks! Sue May

6 Leslie Boerkamp

Sept. 16, 2014
I would love a copy of the apps you speak about Rebecca! If you could send those to me that would be awesome! Leslie

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