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July 9, 2012

The Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

The Vatican recently declared as venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheet (1895-1979), meaning he is on the path to canonization. He would be the first American-born male saint.

There are several excellent short articles on Archbishop Sheen's life Recently to mark his title as venerable, Fr. Robert Barron, author and producer of the Catholicism film series, called Archbishop Sheen the "patron saint of media and evangelization."

The Archbishop Fulton Sheen Television Show

Archbishop Sheen is best-known for hosting a prime time television program from 1951-1957 called "Life Is Worth Living." Using a combination of personal stories, classroom lesson techniques (using a chalkboard), and sermons, his program drew surprisingly good ratings competing against famous entertainment shows on rival channels, including the program of comedian Milton Berle.

One TV critic wrote, “Bishop Sheen can’t sing, can’t dance, and can’t act. All he is…is sensational.” In his first year on television he won an Emmy, beating out among others Lucille Ball. Archbishop Sheen often spoke out against communism (he was an expert on Marxism). He also contradicted many of the false teachings of modern psychology.

In one particular program, Archbishop Sheen pointed out three pillars of education:

  1. Truth
  2. Correlation of Study
  3. Depth

The entire program is viewable on YouTube. You can start with Part 1 on Education.

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