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October 17, 2012

Seven Saints for October

Twelve-year-old Jake Finkbonner, a student at Assumption Catholic School in Bellingham, Washington is unique. Family and friends prayed to Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha to intercede on Jake’s behalf as he battled a life-threatening flesh-eating bacteria. He survived against all odds. In return, Jake’s miraculous cure was recognized as a sign that Blessed Kateri is a saint and should be canonized. Jake will be going to Rome for the canonization on October 21.

These are some ways that you can dig deeper into this story with your students or expand out and learn about the other six saints to be canonized on October 21.

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha

  1. What about Jake’s background and condition made praying to Blessed Kateri rather than someone else natural?
  2. Why is Blessed Kateri’s canonization so important to Native Americans in North America?
  3. Why will her canonization heal wounds for some in the Native American community?

The Other Men and Women to be Canonized

  1. Where was Saint Marianne Cope from and what was her ministry?
  2. How did Saint Anna Schäffer become confined to her bed? What additional wounds did she receive?
  3. Where did Saint Giacomo Berthieu SJ minister? Why was he martyred?
  4. How old was Saint Pedro Calungsod when he died? Describe Blessed Pedro’s loyalty to the priest with whom Blessed Pedro worked. How is jealousy a part of this story?
  5. Who was Saint Giovanni Battista Piamarta most interested in helping? How did he help others in practical ways in addition to spiritual ways? What is the name of the male religious order he founded?
  6. Where was Saint Maria del Carmen (born Maria Sallés y Barangueras) born? What is the name of the order she founded?

An Extra: Doctors of the Church

Who did Pope Benedict XVI proclaim to be Doctors of the Church Sunday, October 7, 2012?

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