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August 16, 2013

Mary: Queen of Heaven

Pope Pius closed a year-long Marian year in October of 1954 with the encyclical Ad Caeli Reginam recognizing the Queenship of Mary. The encyclical was unique too because it was the first time a pope had spoken on Mary's role in sharing in the work of Redemption. He wrote, "The most Blessed Virgin Mary is to be called Queen not only because of her Divine Motherhood, but also because she, by the will of God, had an outstanding part in the work of our eternal salvation."

Without saying Mary was a "co-redemptress," Pope Pius XII taught that she was associated with Christ "in a way parallel to the way in which Eve was associated with Adam....So just as the human raced was committed to death through a virgin, it is saved by means of a virgin."

The feast day to celebrate the Queenship of Mary is August 22, following by a week the Feast of the Assumption. September 8 will mark the birth of Mary.

As assignments to mark the day with your students, you may wish to have them create an image using the art medium of their choice of Mary as Queen. Also, assign the entire enyclical for reading. Have the students create a graphic organizer to outline its main points. Finally, pray this prayer as a class.

The Queenship of Mary

Mary, Queen of the Universe,

you are a Queen in that you are

the Mother of the Word Incarnate.

Christ is universal King in that he rules all his creatures

by his personal union with the Father and the Spirit.

He is King and you are Queen of all hearts.

Rule over us by the queenly power of your love

that the Kingdom of your Son—

the Kingdom of truth and life,

holiness and grace,

justice, love, and peace—

may come upon the earth.

Grant your grace to all people,

the Holy Spirit for the whole Church,

and peace for the entire earth.



1 Carol

April 17, 2015
Who is the artist of: Mary Queen of Heaven. ?? The print shows Mary in white with a semicircle of young angels holding up her white mantle edged in ermine.

2 Mary Hilton

Oct. 14, 2016
The pIcture was in actual fact a vision given to a French Mystic by the name of CLEMENCE LEDOUX by the Mother of God herself. The scene is depicting the Coronation of Mary being crowned Queen of Heaven & Earth by The Blessed Trinity and the picture bears the invocation "Mary Immaculate Queen of the Universe' There is a special feastday which is celebrated every year by the Catholuc Church on August 22nd and is known as "The Queenship of Mary"

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