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October 14, 2013

Pro-Life Flash Mob

October is Respect Life month but a teen-led effort for life that is one to remember occurred in February 2011 on a snowy, wintry day in downtown Chicago.

The taxpayer-subsidized Planned Parenthood organized a pro-abortion "Walk for Choice" protest in Chicago's Daley Plaza. They were protesting a house bill that would limit taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.

The protestors were asked to wear orange. They carried signs. One women held up a homemade sign that said: "If you won't let me choose, I'll have no choice but to call you a @$#%." It was not a nice word on the sign.

Suddenly from another corner of Daley Plaza a group of teenagers arrived, most from Catholic high schools and parishes around Chicago. They gathered inconspicuously at first. But some were carrying large plastic trash bags that appeared full. Then suddenly, with music blaring from a sound system hid in one of the teen's backpacks, the teens pulled yellow balloons from the bags with the word "LIFE" printed on each balloon. Singing and dancing and marching and chanting pro-life slogans followed. A sign was unveiled that read "ORANGE YOU GLAD TO SEE US."

The Pro-Life Flash Mob has been a hit on YouTube ever since. You can view it here.

This was a dramatic, planned but spontaneous pro-life demonstration. What are you doing to mark Respect Life with your teens. We would be very interested in your ideas. Share in the comment space below.

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