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Engaging Faith: Practical lesson ideas and activities for Catholic Educators

March 24, 2015

Witness of Christian Martrys

As Holy Week approaches for 2015, the Passion of Christ is more present in our midst than ever. Around the world, Christians have been martyred in recent months, weeks, and days. Share several articles that detail news coverage of the events, prayers offered on the martyrs' behalf, and prayers for all persecuted Christians. After your students read each article, ask them to offer comment. If possible, have them write comments or prayers online directly below the article. If not possible, have them label their comments according to each article they have read and turn them in to you. Finally, have the students write their own prayers for these contemporary Christian martyrs and for peace in the world.

Here are a few recent articles to help you begin. Search other Catholic, Christian, and general news sites for other articles to further this activity.

1. A Testimony Which Cries Out

2. Two church bombings in Pakistan; Pope, bishops lament persecution of Christians

3. Names of 21 Christian Martyrs

4. Pope Francis Offers Mass for 21 Christian Martyrs

5. Palm Sunday Prayer to Remember Christian Martyrs

6. United States Catholic Bishops Call for Prayer Amidst Persecution and Violence Against Christians

7. Address by Bishop James D. Conley of the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska.

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