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November 16, 2015

Guided Meditation: Jesus Calms the Storm

As the weather turns from mild to severe, use this guided meditation to help your students reflect more deeply on Mark 4:35-31. After the students are quiet and settled, begin by saying “You are on the rough seas. Your boat is tossing and turning in the stormy waters. Think of the storms in your own life. Then . . .


Quiet yourself in this space.

Enjoy the silence.

Let go of the distractions.

Breathe in.


Breathe out.

Breathe in.


Breathe out.

Be still.


Let all your worries fly away.

Breathe in.


Breathe out.

Breathe in.


Breathe out.

Imagine . . .

What a great time you have had.

You and your friends have been following Jesus for days now.

You are dead tired, but still content as you find a place to rest in the boat.

Look around at the friends you have made.

Look at Jesus who is sitting at the stern.

How you admire him!

Feel the slow moving lull of the boat.

Relax as the waves gently lull the boat back and forth.

Back and forth.


Some of your friend fall asleep.

Jesus falls asleep, too.

The boat keeps moving across the lake.

You think about the day.

Your mind is just wandering.

The wind starts blowing.

You can tell it is becoming harder to row now.

The current is choppy.

The sky is now black.

Take your turn with the oars.

Work hard.

Feel the storm approaching.

The waves begin to take the boat.

The water is coming in over the sides.

Everyone is working.

Someone yells out, “Wake up Jesus.

We need his help.


Move towards Jesus.

Wake him up.

Jesus sits up and looks around.

He yells out, “Quiet” to the wind.

The wind stops.

Just like that, the water calms down and the wind disappears.

Jesus looks like he wants to go back to sleep.

What just happened?

Jesus looks at all of you and says,

“Why are you so terrified?

Why are you lacking in faith?”

A great awe overcomes you.

You wonder,

“Who is the man whom even the sea obeys?”

Sit with this wonderment.

Crawl back over to where Jesus is resting.

Approach him cautiously.

Ask him your question,

“Who are you that the sea obeys you?”

Listen to his answer.

Tell him about something in your life that is raging,

a storm in your world,

a situation that could use Jesus’ touch.

Be with him.

It is time to reenter this space.

Say good-bye for now.

Ask Jesus to lead your way to the rest of the day.

Say thank you.

Come back gently.

Open your eyes.


Sit up.

This Guided Meditation was originally published in Encountering Jesus: 20 Guided Meditations on His Care and Compassion by Patty McCulloch.


1 so wanderful

Sept. 16, 2017
wow Jesus is great and is very able to calm the storms of different people in this stormy world

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