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June 6, 2017

Ave Maria Press Catholic High School Textbooks: Our Mission to Divine Pedagogy

Ave Maria Press is a ministry of the United States Province of Holy Cross and carries on the tradition of the order’s founder, Bl. Basil Moreau, as “educators in the faith.” Our textbooks seek to form the “heart, minds, and hands” of students to know, love, and serve Christ in his Church.

      Inspired by the National Directory for Catechesis, Ave Maria Press uses “God’s own methodology as the paradigm, and with that divine pedagogy as the reference point, chooses diverse methods that are in accord with the Gospel” (NDC 29). Following the pattern of Divine Revelation, our textbooks seek to communicate the Word of God and the beliefs of the Church, leading students “on the journey toward the Father in the footsteps of Christ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit” (NDC 28).  As they progress through their high school years, we seek to both evangelize and catechize them, to strengthen their faith and encourage an ongoing change of heart to follow Christ more closely. This process of formation involves four key dimensions: knowledge of their Faith, participation in the Church community, especially through her liturgy and the sacraments; the Christian moral life of service to others and the promotion of justice; and growth in prayer and reflection (NDC 28).

      Our textbooks employ two complementary methods: the experiential or inductive method and the kerygmatic or deductive method. Because “human experience is a constitutive element in catechesis” (NDC 28), our method regularly asks students to consider concrete personal experiences: their own and those of people they know, people of faith, saints, and other heroes. Our texts build on this foundation by helping students understand how the principles and truths of the faith give meaning and purpose to their lives. Through the study of Scripture, the Creed, the Church, the liturgy, the sacraments, and Christian morality, they are led progressively to a deeper understanding and practice of their faith.

      Our goal is not only to prepare students for further study of theology in college, should that opportunity be possible for them, but more importantly to form them in the faith that will guide and strengthen them in the next stage of their lives, whatever that may be.

For more information on Ave Maria Press Catholic High School Textbooks visit: https://www.avemariapress.com/category/HS10/Catholic-Textbooks/

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