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Engaging Faith: Practical lesson ideas and activities for Catholic Educators

September 18, 2017

Icebreaker Discussion: My Personal Opinion

You can use this discussion format in a number of ways. Here’s one:

  • Pass out a small, blank card to each student.
  • Write on a board several typical values, vices, events that teens are likely to have a strong opinion on either way. See below.

Tell the students that if they really believe strongly in something they should be willing to talk about the value openly and defend their position in the face of some questions and opposition. Tell them to take a close look at the items listed on the board and think about three or four in which they have a strong position on and would be willing to talk about in front of the group.

Tell the students to write their names on the cards. Collect the cards. Then tell them: “I will draw someone’s name from this pack. If your name is picked, you will be “on the spot” and will be asked to explain your position on one of the items you chose. Decide now which item you will talk about if your name is picked.

Pull a name and ask several questions like:

  • What item do you want to talk about?
  • What is your position on ______________?
  • Do your peers agree with your position? Do your parents?
  • Have you felt that way for a long time or is it something you’ve only come to only recently?

Encourage dialogue among the group. Include yourself in the discussion as necessary, but not to an overwhelming degree.

Continue with as many persons as time allows.

Discussion Topics

obeying rules     joining a club      reading the Bible   helping teachers   sex before marriage

telling crude jokes   shoplifting   gossiping about peers   talking about God   bad-mouthing religion

bragging about sexual conquests   getting good grades   cheating on schoolwork   smoking pot

chastity and abstinence   lying to parents   going to church   abortion   putting down unpopular kids

being lazy and uncaring   singing in church   being polite to adults   eating healthy foods

caring for the environment   assisting a neighbor in need   visiting a grandparent

going willingly on a family vacation helping the poor   texting and driving   being patriotic

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