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January 2, 2018

Pope Francis and New Year's Resolutions

A few years ago, a list was compiled from Pope Francis’ most popular teachings and quotations to form his most popular New Years’ resolutions.  Here they are:

  1. Don't gossip.
  2. Finish your meals.
  3. Make time for others.
  4. Choose the “more humble” purchase.
  5. Meet the poor 'in the flesh.'
  6. Stop judging others.
  7. Befriend those who disagree.
  8. Make commitments, such as marriage.
  9. Make it a habit to “ask the Lord.”
  10. Be happy.

As you return to school, have your students write one or two sentences either explaining what each of Pope Francis’ resolutions mean or how they might apply these resolutions to their own lives.

Next, have them write their own New Years’ resolutions using Pope Francis’ list as an inspiration.

Finally, have the students read highlights of Pope Francis’ January 1, 2018 homily on the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God.

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