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March 30, 2020

Life Issues in the Time of the Coronavirus

The response to the Coronavirus worldwide opens up discussion on several life issues.

For example, while most states have prohibited all but essential work outside of the home and asked hospitals and surgery centers to postpone all elective medical surgeries a debate continues in may places about whether abortions should be prohibited during this time as an example of an elective procedure.

There is also some concern over the possibility that some locations may have to ration medical supplies for those suffering from the virus, perhaps choosing who is more worthy of treatment based on age or existing medical condition. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has released several statements on this topic. In Texas, Bishop Joseph Strickland of the Tyler Diocese has spoken out strongly against the rationing of medical equipment and the signing over to medical boards of the possible unrestricted power in choosing who might receive treatment.

Take some time to review Church teaching on euthanasia and assisted suicide with your students. Fr. Rob Galea provides a concise teaching on The Catholic View of Euthanasia in a video that is just under four minutes in length. 

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