Icebreaker for Lesson on Discipleship
Make three different kinds of popcorn in three different bowls: one with butter and salt, one with salt only, and one with neither butter not salt. Divide the class into four equal groups. Have three groups sample and describe one kind of popcorn. Have the group with no popcorn tell what it feels like to have none. Relate the discussion to Jesus' life and the life of a disciple, to gradually give up everything to do God's will.

Icebreaker for Lesson on the Trinity
Each student should have a clear glass. Walk around the room filling each glass with water. Pause and call on a volunteer to say what is in the glass (“water”). Next, pour two tablespoons of sugar in each glass and ask someone to say what is in the glass now (“sugar water”). Then pour a small scoop of unsweetened Kool-Aid into each glass. Again, ask what they have (“Kool-Aid”). Point out how the three parts make up one drink. Connect the example to a lesson on the Trinity after everyone drinks their Kool-Aid.

Icebreaker for Lesson on Communion of Saints
Display several photos of former students around the classroom. Tell the current students some things about these former students: what they were like in high school, what they have accomplished in the years since, what you learned about life and faith from them, what legacy they left the school, etc. If possible have one of the former students speak to your class on these topics. Connect the bond the current students and former students share with the bond we all share with the Communion of Saints.