The following activity is taken from the Leader’s Manual for Send Out Your Spirit a Confirmation preparation program from Ave Maria Press. Apply the activity to any lesson or discussion on the Ten Commandments.

Call on one student to come before the class and be interviewed “on the spot” with questions related to applying the Ten Commandments in day-to-day living. Ask the teen one or two of the following questions. Then call on another teen to answer the same or different questions.


  • How do the Ten Commandments play a part in your moral decision-making? Give an example.

  • What are some other gods you have been tempted to worship in your life?

  • How do you respond when someone around you uses God’s name in vain?

  • Describe behavior you consider appropriate and inappropriate for Sunday.

  • How do you honor your parents now? How do you think you will honor them when you are an adult?

  • How strong is the commitment to save sex until marriage among your peers?

  • How does society promote an attitude of disrespect for the body and for sexual behavior?

  • When was a time you told a lie that did damage to another person? How did you repair that damage?

  • What does it mean to dress modestly?

  • How is cheating in school an offense against the Seventh Commandment?

  • How can you practice loyalty and commitment in relationships now to help you prepare for the same when and if you are married?