If you have occasion to work with teens in the summer through a parish-sponsored Youth Ministry program, here's an idea that works well with both younger and older adolescents.



This is a bike rally (not a race) in which teens follow a predetermined map to the homes of three or four parishioners (typically parents of teens in the group), where they can play a game and have a simple snack and drink. The final stop of the rally is at the local movie theatre where the teens take in an appropriate afternoon feature.

Plan a map from your starting point at the parish in a logical order to each of the homes or parents or parishoners who have agreed to sponsor a stop along the way. Give each person a map and remind them to observe all biking safety rules. At each home, wait for everyone to catch up. Take a break with a short game or activity. (You will need to arrange for all game items to be at the homes prior to the rally.) Possible activity ideas might include:

First Stop

Play a series of the old Twister game. While some of the teens are playing, the others can enjoy a drink of lemonade.

Second Stop

Divide into two teams. Play a game where all can participate; for example, any form of a trivia quiz game.

Third Stop

Play a friendly game of “spin the bottle.” Seat everyone in a circle. The two people the bottle points to exchange compliments with one another (not kisses!).

Fourth Stop

Get into the movie theme. Play a game of “movie charades” in which the teens act our famous movie titles or scenes and the rest of the group tries to guess the name of the movie.

Movie Stop

End the rally at the movie theatre. Make sure to lock the bikes. Then enjoy the movie. If your group is large enough, you may be able to quality for a group discount. After the movie, ride together back to the parish at a leisurely pace where parents can meet for pick up.