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Engaging Faith: Practical lesson ideas and activities for Catholic Educators

Posts for Christmas

Christmas Quotations

December 03, 2018

Catholic New Years' Resolutions

December 28, 2016

As a welcome back to class exercise after Christmas vacation, ask the students to create a list of ten Catholic New Years’ Resolutions.

Have a Wonderful Christmas!

December 22, 2016

Two Great Teachers of the Faith: St. Nicholas of Myra (December 6) and St. Ambrose (December 7)

December 05, 2016

As Christmas approaches, remember to tell your students not only that Santa Claus is “real,” but that the saintly figure behind the legend is even more of an inspiration than the jolly perennial visitor of mythical renown! On December 6, the Catholic Church celebrates the Memorial of St. Nicholas of Myra (ca. AD 270 – 343), and on December 7, the Memorial of St. Ambrose (ca. 340 – 397).

Sharing Christmas Memories

November 29, 2016

You may wish to adapt this short activity to fill-in some extra minutes of class during the final weeks before the Christmas break.

Recognizing Jesus

December 30, 2015

The Christmas season continues, even as you return to school. Have your students meditate on the humanity of Jesus and his mission. Share these words of Pope Benedict XVI. Have them complete the assignment that follows.

Christmas Week Meditation and Assignments

December 14, 2015

This Christmas meditation encourages quiet contemplation of the manger scene and the ways God reaches out to us during the Christmas season. 

Prayer Experience: "The Light of the World"

January 02, 2015

For this prayer experience you will need tapers, slips of paper, and something to write with. Gather the students in an open space. Have them sit in a circle. Give each person an unlit taper candle. Follow these directions.

“The Bethlehem Explosion”

December 15, 2014

The following lesson centers around the poem "The Bethlhem Explosion" by acclaimed author Madeline L'Engle. The accompanying background material and lesson is taken from The Catholic Spirit: An Anthology for Discovering Faith Through Literature, Art, Film, and Music by Michel Bettgole, OSF, and James D. Childs.

Advent/Christmas Icebreaker Idea

December 01, 2014

This Christmas-themed icebreaker encourages students to share remembrances of fun holiday celebrations.

Guided Meditation: The Announcement of the Birth of Jesus

November 21, 2014

"Hail Mary, full of grace." These words were spoken by the angel Gabriel to Mary to announce the birth of Jesus. This meditation will place your students in the role of Mary: listening to the angel, responding and trying to understand.

Don't Let Go of Christmas Just Yet!

January 14, 2014

As you settle back into a new semester, don't let Christmas go without sharing and reflecting on the Christmas message of Pope Francis.

Extending the Peace of Christmas

January 02, 2013

The following exercise is a prayer experience that focuses on repairing hurts and divisions and extending the peace of the Christmas season.

"The Burning Babe"

December 17, 2012

In "The Burning Babe" sixteenth-century British poet Robert Southwell reflects on the love of Christ for fallen humanity. Through poetic imagery he combines the story of Christ's birth with accounts of his Passion and Death. His poem gives an unforgettable portrait of Jesus Christ, true God and true man.

Celebrate the Christmas Season!

December 22, 2011

Enjoy your time off with your family and friends this holiday season, but come back ready to share the joy of Christmas after the break is over. In the Catholic liturgical calendar, Christmas begins on Christmas Eve night and extends to the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. The "twelve days of Christmas" last from Christmas to the feast of the Epiphany, but the season actually extends to the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord.

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