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Engaging Faith: Practical lesson ideas and activities for Catholic Educators

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Taking the Risk of Faith

November 15, 2018

Reflections on Christian Patriotism

February 03, 2017

Ask students to say aloud words or phrases that come immediately to them when you say the word “patriotism.” List the words on the board.

Distribute a handout with the following quotations and questions.  Read the first quotation and have the students write their reflections on the questions that follow. Repeat the format for sections 2 and 3.

Finally, ask the students to answer in writing the two “Final Items.” To conclude, ask the students to share their reflections either in small groups or with the whole class.

Catholic Schools Week 2017

January 25, 2017

The annual Catholic Schools Week, sponsored by the National Catholic Educational Association, begins on Monday January 29 and runs until Saturday, Feburary 4. This year's theme is “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.”

A Discussion on the Sacrament of Penance

December 13, 2016

Here’s a short discussion activity you can lead prior to a fuller lesson on the Sacrament of Penance and, perhaps, participation by your students in the sacrament itself.

All Saints’ Day Lesson

October 21, 2016

Here’s a refresher on the role of saints in the Church, in lieu of the coming of All Saints’ Day on November 1.

Ideas for Curricular Supplements on the World Meeting of Families

September 21, 2015

The World Meeting of Families will occur from Tuesday, September 22 to Friday, September 25, while the Holy Father’s presence in Philadelphia will be Saturday, September 26 and Sunday, September 27. It is important to recall that the World Meeting of Families is not merely an event to capture the attention of parents with families –after all, it is likewise a chance for even the youth to be drawn to reflect on the importance of the family within society.

Opening Week Lesson

August 17, 2015

This lesson—created by Sr. Kieran Sawyer, SSND—or an adaptation of it serves well for a first week introduction to your class

A Lesson on Work

July 20, 2015

CRS Resources for Pope Francis's Encyclical "Laudato Si"

June 15, 2015

In anticipation of the June 18 release of Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Si ("Be Praised" or "Praised Be") which focuses on environmental issues, please note information on several ways Catholic Relief Services is reaching out to address climate change issues around the world.

The Crucial Issue of Religious Freedom

June 30, 2014

With issues around the First Amendment to the United States Constitution swirling in the news, including around the recent Supreme Court Decision in the Hobby Lobby case, and worldwide in the brutal persecution and decimation of Christians in the Middle East, please note the following articles and resources.

St. John Paul II: A Five-Day Mini Unit

April 21, 2014

Interested in teaching your students about Pope John Paul II? As part of the celebration of the canonizations of the pope, Ave Maria Press is offering St. John Paul II: A Five-Day Mini Unit, a supplementary resource designed to celebrate the life of Karol Wotyla, the beloved pope whose nearly twenty-seven year papacy that transitioned the world from the twentieth to twenty-first century.

Prophets Lesson Plan

October 25, 2011

A very large portion of the Old Testament focuses on the lives and messages of the prophets. The prophets played a very important and influential role in the history of Israel and the development of the Jewish people. They voiced a constant reminder from Yahweh that his people must worship the one, true God and treat others with dignity and respect.

Introducing a Course with a Plot Structure Diagram

August 29, 2011

During an introduction of the topic of Salvation History, review the plot structure diagram with students. Connect this story diagram with salvation history. Invite students to fill in as much as they know of the story of salvation history.

Teaching Theology Using Literature and Art Webinar

October 21, 2010

On Tuesday, Br. Michel Bettigole, editor of the book The Catholic Spirit: An Anthology for Discovering Faith Through Literature, Art, Film, and Music, presented a sample lesson on the Eucharist drawing from classic works of art and literature.

Blessed John Henry Newman Lesson Plan

September 20, 2010

On Sunday September 19, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI beatified Cardinal John Henry Newman, Catholic convert and exceptional apologist.

Easter/Resurrection Lesson Plan: Compare and Contrast the Gospel Accounts of the Resurrection

April 01, 2010

What can we know about Jesus’ resurrection based on the Gospel similarities and differences?

The Health Care Reform Law and Catholic Social Teaching

March 23, 2010

Below are some suggestions for teaching about the new Health Care Law in the context of Catholic Social Teaching.

Catholic Just War Theory Lesson Plan

February 25, 2010

Based on the writings of St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas, the Church has set forth the following criteria for a “just war.”

Lesson Plan: Development of the New Testament Canon

January 29, 2010

This lesson plan is useful for anyone teaching a course on the Introduction to the New Testament.

Catholic Social Teaching and Monopoly

January 29, 2009

The attendees of Ave Maria Press's Teacher Enrichment Day share some favorite lesson plans.

Share Lesson Plans on the Year of St. Paul!

August 06, 2008

As you begin a new semester, the Church is celebrating a special jubilee year dedicated to St. Paul.

Link to Excellent Teacher Website

June 17, 2008

I've designed a theology site called (independent of Ave Maria Press) that I'd like to make available to anyone who teaches the faith and visits the Ave Maria Press web site.

Catholic Colleges in March Madness: Part 2

March 18, 2008

Here's a re-do of a post we published last year during the all-encompassing NCAA Basketball tournament.

Freedom Simulation Lesson Plan

February 15, 2008

As Catholic Christians we are called to choose the most loving thing in a given situation.

The Church In America Icebreaker

January 11, 2008

With presidential politics and primaries in full swing and the feast day of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first American born saint recently celebrated, consider the following lesson icebreaker on the theme of the Catholic Church in America.

Gossip and Its Effect on the School Community

November 02, 2007

One of the most difficult realties about high school life is the devastating effect of gossip upon students and staff.

What Makes American Youth Happy?

September 18, 2007

Over the summer, the Associated Press and MTV released findings of an in-depth study of young people and happiness.

Remembering Mother Teresa

September 06, 2007

No one, not even in the secular media, can ever doubt Mother Teresa’s service to the “least brothers and sisters” of this world. She spent a majority of her life caring for the “poorest of the poor.” She spoke many times of the importance of love and family, of accepting the gift of life, and of learning many lessons from the poor.

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