Here are eight links with short assignments designed to accompany a student through a study of the Church and Church history:

  1. Read the first two chapters of Lumen Gentium. Note ten important statements about the Church from your reading.
  2. Report on some aspect of the Christian Catacombs.
  3. Report on two interesting facts about Constantine and the Edict of Milan.
  4. Locate and report on St. Thomas Aquinas’s five proofs for the existence of God from the Summa Theologica.
  5. Take a virtual tour of the Renaissance. Answer these questions: 1) What was new about humanism versus previous ways of thinking in Europe; 2) What impact did the Renaissance have on the Catholic Church?
  6. Read and report on the Syllabus of Errors.
  7. Read and report on one of the popes since 1900.
  8. Read and report on the Catholic Worker Movement or Dorothy Day.