Listed below is a short demonstration to help teens understand more about how they can encounter or meet God in their lives. It is taken from the new edition of Send Out Your Spirit, Preparing Teens for Confirmation.

Sensory Presentation (about 10 minutes)
How do we encounter God? Try this demonstration with teens:
  • Bring in a freshly warmed whole pizza (or slice of pizza) in a box. Set the box before the group.
  • Explain that one way we encounter something is through the sense of smell. Pass the box under the noses of the teens.
  • Then open the box. Say: “Another way we encounter something is through these sense of sight.” Again, pass the open box around the room.
  • The best way to “encounter” pizza is to put all the senses together and really taste it. (If you have enough pizza, share it now.)
  • Then make the point that really encountering God involves all of the physical senses as well as our intellect, emotions, and imagination.
  • Discuss with the teens ways they can involve their entire beings in more fully encountering God.