Brandon Vogt’s bestselling and aware winning Why I Am Catholic (And You Should Be Too) is a remarkable and persuasive argument for truth and beauty in the Catholic Church and for reasons why young people should throw off the common urge to leave the Church for the more radical decision to “join the rebellion” and go against the tide and remain or become Catholic.

Coming soon are teacher resources (lesson plans, assignments, quizzes, and more) to support this 180 pages engaging and clear read. There is also a companion study guide already available for the trade edition.

Brandon Vogt is an award-winning author, blogger, and speaker who serves as content director for Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire Catholic website.

In this recent podcast, Non –Catholic Q&A w/Bishop Barron (June 2019), Brandon and Bishop Barron field questions on the faith from non-Catholic listeners, including atheists and agnostics.