Your students may not be fully in aware of the resources available at your school for career planning. Help them develop a plan and some sample questions to use in an interview with their guidance counselor. Share the format below.

State your aims.

Explain your dreams. In the best way that you can, tell your counselor the outcome that you want from your career. Reach for the sky. Share your vision.

Explore alternatives.

Ask your counselor to suggest more than one way to go about achieving your aims. What have other people done who have the same career goals? Where can you find additional information? What is the most practical alternative for you to pursue?

Identify your resources.

What do you have to do to work with as far as time, finances, and talent? Are there ways around any limitations you might have? (For example: scholarships, grants, or loans may be available to help you meet some or all of your financial obligations.)

Review the alternatives and make a decision.

Which alternative will most likely assist you in reaching your goal? Which alternative is most compatible with your resources? Combining the answers to these two questions will help you in reaching a decision.

Take the first step of your plan.

Ask your counselor to direct you to the first step of the plan. This may mean helping you to arrange an interview with a college recruiter or employer, or simply helping you with a college or job application.

Here are some other questions you may wish to ask your counselor:

  • How often am I able to see you?
  • Must I make an appointment or will one be scheduled for me?
  • Does the school have any special programs that might fit my aptitudes?
  • Can you refer me to any community organization that could help me with my post-high school plans?