Hello Teachers! Happy July! Ave Maria Press is always looking for ways to offer helpful teaching approaches delivered in an easy-to-use manner. In that spirit, would you mind answering the following questions:

How do you plan weekly and daily lessons? (For the sake of normalcy, let's imagine lessons will be shared in person with students in a classroom.)

What does your semester plan look like? How do you chart main topics, curriculum points, and book chapters over a semester?

What does your daily lesson plan look like? Do you write out student objectives and share them with your students so they are aware of what both you and they are responsible in the class?

How do you vary teaching approaches? Do you consciously make the choice to vary lessons, videos, discussions, presentation, writing, quizzes, and more over a variety of days? How do you vary approaches through a 50 to 90 minute class period?

How do you assess your students on a daily basis to see if they met the day's objectives?

Did you ever use a lesson planner like the one in the photo? Do you now? What else do you use to record your lesson plans?

Answer in the comment space below or own our Ave Maria Press HS Theology Teachers Facebook page. Thank you in advance!