On September 15, Fr. Basil A. Moreau, founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, will be beatified near his hometown of Le Mans, France.

If you scroll below, you will find more information on this event along with encouragement for your students to enter an essay contest on Fr. Moreau’s educational mission with the chance to win a $500 scholarship.

The recent edition of St. Anthony Messenger includes a detailed article  on the life of Fr. Moreaeu.

The Brothers of Holy Cross based in Sherman Oaks, California, also offer a website of “Moreau Moments”  to help celebrate Basil Moreau’s beatification. Gleaned from the site are these words of advice from Fr. Moreau to teachers on the way to teach for success:

To teach with success, teachers must know good methods, be skillful in applying those methods, have clear ideas, be able to define exactly, and possess language that is easily understood and correct.  All of these skills are acquired and perfected only through study.  I think we must assume that good teachers are not content simply with obtaining a degree or a credential to show their capabilities, but that they also try to increase their knowledge even further by studying as much as they can.  In this way teachers are able to meet the qualifications required of them.