Learning New Student's Names

It feels great when someone calls you buy name. When someone addresses you by name, it adds a level of connection that you just don't feel otherwise. When someone who you have just met or barely know uses your name in conversation, it can be surprising and it makes you feel very good about who you are.

Remembering and using someone's name is a simple gesture that goes a long way. How, then, can we learn students names quickly and correctly?

A few years ago, I shared some tactics for learning new names at The Religion Teacher website. I suggested using a few simple tools:

  • Note Cards
  • Desk Name Tags/Tents
  • Seating Chart

I also made a few suggestions for activities and games you can play in the first week of school to get to know someone's name. These games included:

  • Adjective Name-Game
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Student Interview

To read the full post and find out how to implement all these suggestions, visit The Religion Teacher website.

(photo credit: Flickr