It is no secret that kids love to watch movies and videos. Some of them come to expect it in the classroom. Just below Google and Facebook, YouTube is the third most popular website in the world. Teens are likely to watch videos online frequently each week. Why not start showing videos in religion class on a frequent basis?

Teachers have been asking us for more video in our online resources. In addition to the release of the Jesus Christ DVD Collection, we have assembled a list of YouTube videos that correspond to the Jesus Christ Series, the first three books of the USCCB Curriculum Framework.

These videos connect directly with each chapter of the Jesus Christ series books and correspond to the activities within the TWE. They cover a wide range of topics and bring religious education into the modern age.

You can find these YouTube videos in the Classroom Resources on this site or:

We have also created a list of videos for Exploring Religions of Our World, a course that needs the be supplemented with visual images of the major world religions.

Sample YouTube Videos for the Jesus Christ Series




But YouTube is Blocked by My Catholic School!

If you are having trouble accessing the YouTube videos at school, check out Nick Senger’s tutorial on how to download and use YouTube videos.