In support of this year’s March for Life, have the students explore the website and look for ways they can participate in this effort throughout the year from wherever they are.

Also, have the students consider some of these pro-life actions they can incorporate into their own lives. Write examples like these on the board. Have the students suggest more to add to the list:

  • Respect your own life. Eat the right foods. Get proper rest. Exercise. Avoid harmful substances.
  • Respect the dignity of others. Treat all people fairly.
  • Remove prejudicial feelings from your life.
  • Share your resources with the book.
  • Drive carefully. Do not text while driving.
  • Learn pro-life responses to pro-abortion arguments.
  • Support the unborn by writing letters to legislators, government officials, and the media, or by participating in pro-life rallies.
  • Support health care initiatives for poor women and children.
  • Show extra care for the disabled and those with special needs.
  • Speak out against euthanasia. Help those who are sick and elderly to offer their suffering to Jesus.
  • Visit the sick and elderly. Help to care even more for their spiritual and physical needs.
  • Pray.