Prezi ( is a creative alternative to your typical run-of-the-mill slideshow presentation. One way to think of Prezi is a presentation mind-map tool. You create a mind-map (or have students create a mind-map) of ideas and establish hierarchy in the size of the words or phrases. Viewers and explore on their own or follow the presentation order you have set before hand.

Here is a sample based on of the first few slides of the presentation “Teaching Theology with Technology”:

How to Sign Up
Prezi is free to use with certain restrictions. Educators and students get some added usability compared to regular business-type users. You will be able to create prezis online and download finished prezis to present offline. You will also be able to create private prezis and have the Prezi watermark removed in the Edu Enjoy plan, which is free. Just sign-up with your school e-mail address and Prezi will send you a confirmation e-mail. Enter your name and create a password and you are good to go!

How to use
The program is fairly intuitive once you understand the “zebra wheel.” Just start adding texts and pictures, then adjust the size, rotate, frame, and let your creativity lead the way. Set the path you want the presentation to take and…viola! You’re Prezi is complete!

Ways to Use

  • Lecture Notes: Prezi is a fun way to change the way you present information. Once you get the hang of it, students could enjoy a break from typical PowerPoint slides. Add some pictures to really make the presentation look fun. 
  • Mind-map: Have students create mind-maps to summarize some reading or brainstorm some ideas about a topic
  • Student projects/presentations: Have students create presentations in Prezi for the class. These could be research projects, group presentations, etc.