In December 1531, a beautiful woman appeared to an Indigenous farmer named Juan Diego outside of Mexico City. Over the next few visits this woman who Juan Diego eventually learned was the Virgin Mary, asked him to petition his bishop to build a church. She also told Juan Diego to bring roses to the bishop, though it was not the season for roses. When he did as she instructed and opened his tilma before the bishop the roses dropped to the floor and an image of Our Lady appeared on his cloak.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has named the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12 as a day of solidarity with immigrants and refugees.

Have the students work together to print the following prayer developed by Catholic Relief Services  on a large sheet of butcher paper. Pin the prayer on a wall in the classroom.

Hail Mary, Lady of Peace, we pray for the peace in our world; make us peacemakers.

Hail Mary, Friend of Common People, unite us across economic lines; together let us raise up the cause of the oppressed.

Hail Mary, Mother of Mexico, help us both appreciate Latin America’s culture and work to end its poverty.

Hail Mary, Mother of the Infant Jesus, we pray for all children who are victims of war and hunger; let us stand for them.

Hail Mary, Wife of the Carpenter, Joseph, we pray for the rights of hardworking laborers in all the world; let their dignity be recognized.

Hail Mary, Woman of All Generations, move us to speak for the elderly who lack adequate health care and shelter.

Hail Mary, Homeless Mother, we pray for those without homes; let us advocate for affordable housing.

Hail Mary, Lady of All Colors, show us how to love all people by challenging racism and discrimination.

Hail Mary, Mother of Our World, make us global citizens, working for justice and well-being in all the world.


Next, share a link to Native Land Digital. Have the students check in on the site and locate the native people that once resided on the land where their ancestors first game to this country Provide colored markers and have the students print the name of the indigenous people from their ancestral land on the prayer poster.

When everyone has printed a place, pray the prayer together with the class.